Vineyard Prayer & Worship Summit

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Symposiums will be held at Rundle School (11005-34 Street, Edmonton) where Harvest Vineyard now meets for their Sunday services.

Developing a Culture of Prayer in Your Church Community
Ruth Rousu


Ruth is a mother and grandmother not only to her natural offspring, but also to many in the body of Christ. Ruth feels called to passionately pursue the Lord in prayer and to see His kingdom come. She started the Vineyard Prayer and Worship Summit in 2003 and has continued to lead and call others to this passion ever since. This year she will be leading a symposium to continue spreading the passion she has for prayer!

Developing a Culture of Prayer in your Church Community will be a symposium where we explore the importance of prayer. We will learn how embracing the presence of God is the key to fruitfulness and kingdom growth, both personally and within the communities we journey with. Want to start praying with your church family? There will be many practical ideas of how to do that within this symposium as well!


Prophetic Movement Through Dance
Carol Provins & The Harvest Dance Tribe

Carol has served as leader of the Dance Team at Harvest Vineyard for many years. Her passion is to lead others into a new expression of worship through movement whether young or old. It is an honour to have her join us this year!

In the symposium Prophetic Movement Through Dance, Carol invites us to an experiential workshop exploring the idea of worshiping Jesus through purposeful movement and embodied prayer. This will be a safe place to practically explore ways to worship through motion.

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