Visual Arts 2022

Sacred Mother

Artist: Lianna Klassen
36"x48"x1.5" - Mixed Media on Canvas

From the Artist:

The story of the Aspen tree is incredible. A grove of aspens aren't single trees but a single organism joined at the roots. The mother tree brings up saplings through her root system and then nurtures them to adulthood. If one of the trees is in trouble, they all send nutrients to help the struggling tree. If one moves and trembles, they all tremble because of their joined root system.  It's such a beautiful picture of healthy community, affirmation and being there for one another. I wanted to paint what I have experienced in being part of The Table and the beauty of the Mother Heart that I've seen among many of the women and men that are part of our community.  It's been a balm of healing for me over this past year.  I see God as both Mother and Father.....a Divine Parent who nurtures each one of us and teaches us how to live by the example of Jesus.  The Aspen tree is a lovely symbol of this Truth.