Vineyard Prayer & Worship Summit

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Edmonton, Alberta

Vineyard Prayer & Worship Summit
March 2 & 3, 2018!

Since 2003 the Vineyard family has gathered together every year to simply seek the face of the Lord and worship Him. Come join us this year and take the opportunity to devote two days for this very purpose. Come prepared to worship The Lord and learn together how to corporately hear His voice.

Pre-Summit Symposium
February 28 & March 1

This year we will be holding one general symposium with guests Anita Ruis: National Director of Vineyard Canada, and Cathy Graham: Vineyard "Pulse" Coordinator speaking. Find out more about them here.

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Early Registration Ends February 5, 2018

A special thank you to Rik Berry for allowing us to use his original artwork created during the 2009 Summit. Visit his website here